Uploading a file

On the sidebar menu, above the Search box, click on Manage Wiki. Then click on Files. Click on Upload, locate the file you want to upload, and click Select (or double-click on it). It will be uploaded and listed in alphabetical order with all the other files on the wiki.

To upload a file and create a link to it at the same time

To upload a file and create a link to it, go to the page where you want the link to be. Click the "File" icon. A dialog box will open allowing you to browse for the file (and also listing any files you have previously uploaded). Locate your file and click Upload. Choose the radio button under "Double-clicking the file" that says "links to it", then double-click the icon for the file. Close the dialog box and save your changes. A link to the file (using the filename) should now be on the page.