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How to:

Join Wikispaces

Click on "Join" in the top right corner and follow the instructions.

Join the Gesture Group Wiki

Click on "Join this Wiki" at the top of the left sidebar, under Actions.
Membership in the gesture group space is required in order to add or change pages.

Edit a page

(from Wikispaces Help)
"Each editable page on Wikispaces has an "edit" button at the top of the page. Click on the "edit" button to bring up the page editor. The page editor allows you to add text and pictures to a page and to format that page. The editor has a visual mode and a plain text mode." The visual editor is recommended, and requires a browser with Javascript.

Add a New Page

(from Wikispaces Help)
" To create a new page within the current space, use the "New Page" link in the sidebar or just create a link to the new page in the editor... Click "edit" to add content to that page. (Note that the "New Page" link will only be present if you are a registered user and have logged in.)" Don't forget to click SAVE to save your changes.

IF YOU ADD A NEW PAGE, PLEASE add its name to the Navigation menu (instructions below). If it's a Member Page, please add a link on the Member Pages list, using your name as the link.

Add the name of the new page to Navigation

Click on edit navigation in the left sidebar. This will bring up a ready-to-edit page called "space.menu." Type the name of the new page at an appropriate place in the list (please keep the "How-To" links at the very bottom of the list). Then select the name of the page, and create a link to it (instructions below). Click SAVE when finished editing your page.

Creating a link

To create a link to an existing page, select/highlight the text for the link (eg, the name of the page) and click on the Link icon. A dialog box should open, with WikiLink selected, showing the space name ("gesturegroup") and the page name. To create a link to an external URL, select External Link and enter the target URL (preferably by cutting and pasting it from the actual site).
Click OK. Click SAVE when finished editing your page.

Creating a link and a New Page in one step

If you type in any text, select/highlight it, and click on the Insert Link icon, a dialog box will open, with WikiLink selected. It will show Space as "gesturegroup", Page as "New Page..." and Page Name as the text you highlighted. Click OK. Click SAVE. When you click on the text, it will take you to your new page.

Uploading a file or an image

To upload a file and create a link to it, click the "File" icon. A dialog box will open allowing you to browse for the file (and also listing any files you have previously uploaded). Locate your file and click Upload. Choose the radio button under "Double-clicking the file" that says "links to it", then double-click the icon for the file. Close the dialog box and save your changes. A link to the file (using the filename) should now be on the page.

Note: Images must be:
• of type JPEG, PNG, or GIF
• up to 2048x2048 pixels