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Nathaniel Smith on Multimodality

Nathaniel Smith is currently a doctoral student in cognitive science at University of California at San Diego. He wrote an undergraduate honors thesis, called "Beyond Gesture," that analyzes undergraduate upper-division and graduate mathematics students working together on homework problems. I think it is an excellent piece of work that illustrates how students use gesture, speech, drawing, and writing of mathematical symbols both to communicate and reason through mathematical proofs.
Nathaniel's thesis is not published at this point, but it can be downloaded at:

From Mara:

This one is the 2003 article by Keating and Mirus about the use of space in
video-cam ASL conversations:|]]
And here is an interesting review; it appears earlier, so I'm not entirely
clear if it's a review of an earlier draft, or of the same article that
circulated earlier than it was officially published:

Bibliography on Consciousness Studies

We are pleased to announce the launch of MindPapers, a new website
with a bibliography covering around 18000 published papers and online
papers in the philosophy of mind and the science of consciousness.

There is also a separate front end for "Online Papers on

--David Chalmers and David Bourget;
Australian National University.